New options for at home clay play!

New challenges in the world have caused us to reimagine what we do with clay. While our in person community vision is temporarily suspended we have created a few new at home projects that can be made available for curbside pick up or home delivery. A new day, new way to clay! A simple way to add a little creativity to your isolation at home.


Clay kits! New at home clay kits are available. Slabs rolled out and prepared for at home use, bags of clay, boards and tools for hand building or a bisque kit with ceramic paints for at home bisque painting. All three are online now. Please allow 24-48 hours for preparation of kits as we are filling these on demand. Each kit fee includes the firing and processing of work made. Questions, looking for something else? Let us know.



Wheel rental is available for home use. We have a limited number of wheels available. All come, clean, sanitized and with a stool. These electric wheels work on regular household current and require only a dry safe place to use them. It takes two humans to safely move a wheel, so please take that into account when considering this option. Are you socially isolating with another? Awesome, they can help you move your wheel. If not we can certainly deliver and set in place. Please note we will work with you to do this as safely as possible.

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