Slowly . . .

The Workshop is s l o w l y approaching readiness. Each day our list gets smaller, and then is magically replenished with new tasks to accomplish in the space. “We’re getting there” has become our new mantra. The pace is at times frantic and then glacial. Opening a shop is definitely a new exercise in patience!

I’m so pleased our first class has started and has a great group of local Nokomis folks getting the first layers of clay on the new equipment. The next few weeks will bring more class beginnings. The current roster of classes is listed here.  Interested in a class, but it’s already begun? Don’t fret, we can prorate your class registration. Just send us a note,  or drop by the shop and we’ll help get you started.

Private party requests have been numerous, and we’ve added information on booking the shop for your party or event here.

We’ve started to receive some great work for the shop store front space, and I’ll be posting information about those artists and their work in the weeks to come.

We have had some requests for the summer schedule, and that too will be ready soon. Look for the schedule and updates to it here. I’m gathering a list of instructors to host workshops, so if there is a topic you’re interested in having, please let us know!

Last, but not least, we started an email list for periodic updates. We’ll use this send out class schedules and information on shop happenings. Sign up for that here.




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