After 16 years of a home based studio, the owner made the leap to open their own shop. Backed by hundreds of Kickstarter supporters and hours of dreaming and labor, The Workshop is born. The shop, as we like to call it, is also the home to the studio of Jenniethepotter. Here Jennie will make lots of fun pots in the beautiful new space. After 16 years in a basement studio, this is a glorious achievement. She will also share her love for clay with students in our clay classes.

The Workshop is also a place of creative collaboration. We hope to host many artists and craftspeople from far and wide to come and share their passion and technique. There are so many fun things to learn!

The Workshop is place for play, come join us.

We’re located at 5004 34th Avenue South┬áMinneapolis, MN 55417

All these beautiful photos? They’re the work of the talented Sylvie Grahan.
Local Minneapolis documentary photographer extraordinaire.

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