The Workshop Mpls currently has four electric kilns available for rent.

All customers and users of our space must make appointments for use of our facility.

Please use the following link to schedule a “firing services” appointment for drop off or pick up of work to be fired. 

Or copy and paste the following link to your browser

All of our studio work bisque fires at ^08 and glaze fires at ^6. If you are able to fire your work at these temperatures we can share our kiln space, reducing the over all cost of firing to you.

We divide our kiln volume fractionally to estimate kiln charges for firing clients.

Bisque Firing   

1/3: $25.00

1/2: $35.00

Full : $45.00

Glaze Firing

1/3 : $30.00

1/2: $45.00

Full: $85.00

Special Firings-

Since these cannot be supplemented with ongoing studio or student work, any firing outside of ^08 or ^6 will be charged a full kiln.

Examples include, ^04 or low fire, ^10 oxidation or ^020 luster firing. ^10 oxidation firings in our electric kilns take more electricity and time, and are therefore charged a $100 fee for glaze firing.

Advice and terms for firing clients-

We encourage the transport of clay items for bisque firing when the clay still has some moisture, firm leather hard is great. Transporting bone dry pieces is risky, as they can be easily broken. The Workshop Mpls will not fire wet greenware, and so any work brought that still has moisture will wait until bone dry to be loaded into our kilns. Please inform Workshop Mpls staff if your work is wet, or requires any special attention.

All work delivered for glaze firing should be arrive glazed and free from glaze at the bottom. Our kiln shelves are washed in-between each firing. Please be considerate of how you glaze your work when using our kilns. The Workshop Mpls reserves the right to fine firing clients if our kiln or shelves are damaged due to over application or other glaze issues. We like to keep our equipment in good working order, please help us do so.

If you need or desire to use our shop glazes, arrangements can be made to do so. 

If requesting an unusual firing The Workshop Mpls will evaluate your fee once the firing has finished. For example, you have work that you want to fire at a different schedule, temperature or with an unusual cooling cycle. We are happy to do it- but may need to adjust your fee.

The Workshop Mpls is here to assist you in whatever way we can. We love curiosity and will do what we can to help fire whatever our firing clients can dream up!

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